Policy Entrepreneurs Inc. (PEI)

  • Reporting on Infrastructure Diplomacy and Economics, Date- February 23-24 (2 days) Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Discussion Series ‘Talking Infrastructures: Gaps, Constraints, and Potential for Nepal’s Economic Development’ on March 18, 2021.
  • Discussion Series, Engaging bilateral and multilateral partners in infrastructure development: Experiences and lessons for Nepal on date: 19 April 2021
  • Discussion Series, Sustainable Infrastructures: Questions of Inclusion and Governance on date 14 June 2021 
  • Discussion Series, ‘Mahakali, Gandak and Arun: Nepal’s domestic politics and public discourse around mega infrastructures.  on date 19 July 2021.
  • Discussion Series ‘Infrastructure Diplomacy: Media’s Role in Shaping the Narrative’ 4th October 2021.
  • Discussion Series ‘Infrastructure Diplomacy: ‘Geopolitics of Aid and Investment in South Asia: A Case of Nepal’s Infrastructure Development’ 15th December 2021.