Activities of SEJON

Sector of Involvement:

  1. Organizing, assisting and coordinating different seminars, workshops, and training and event Management programs in association with various national and international organizations.
  2. SEJON, as an umbrella organization of professional economic journalists, has been also playing a proactive role in raising pertinent economic issues of public importance.
  3. Encouraging its members toward professional economic journalism and has been continuously providing the forum to its members to write different economic issues through its regular publication Arthaniti.
  4. As the organization supporting for liberal economic policy, SEJON has also been raising voice for the establishment of a Conducive business environment for faster economic growth in the country.
  5. Capacity enhancement of its members through hosts of regional, national and international training, seminars, and other participation.
  6. Giving inputs to the policymakers on economic issues organizing and coordinating different discussion programs.
  7. Conducting seminars and interactions on economic issues and bilateral cooperation in collaboration with embassies of different countries.
  8. Representing for international programs from Nepalese journalists in coordination with Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry during the visits of Nepali high-level delegation in various countries.