Sejons Major Agendas

  1. To uplift the professional integrity and ethical standard among economic journalists to keep business journalism far from undue influence from any individual or organization.
  2. To make a positive contribution through economic journalism in creating a favorable environment for economic activities in the country.
  3. To enhance the capacity of member economic journalists by arranging a maximum of training and other skill enhancement activities such as seminars or workshops at national and international levels to foster excellence among members through better exposure.
  4. To expand cooperation with different national and international organizations for the development of economic journalism in Nepal.
  5. To encourage the superior coverage of economic and business issues which are crucial for the national economy
  6. To collect, preserve and publish statistical and other information that is useful for professional purposes.
  7. To establish welfare schemes for members to as part of social security for members.
  8. To establish collaboration with organizations that can support the agendas and objectives of SEJON.